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The Team at NZOne Financial Services bring together a wide range of experience working within various aspects of the Insurance Industry and have worked with different insurers.

Their tenure in the industry combined with wealth of knowledge & experience provides valuable insight when advising the type and structure of your insurance portfolio.

We know what will work for you, our Customer. We seek to know you individually so we can provide the most sufficient Tailored Solution and provide a hassle-free service.

At NZOne Financial Services we aim to:

  • Offer you the most Competitive Premiums
  • Always provide Personalised service
  • Review and identify your specific financial exposures
  • Careful individual selection of insurer
  • Give clear advice on appropriate levels of cover
  • Deliver our service in a personalised manner by our professional advisers
  • Obtain a clear understanding of your business
  • Provide Risk management resources
  • Always offer excellent communications
  • Provide Technical expertise
  • Always be someone you can trust and give you confidence and “peace of mind”.

So why NZOne Financial Services?

Customer Service
We offer a one to one service – making connections and conversations is only the beginning.

We will explain your policies to you in a language that is easy to understand and free of jargon, ensuring you become comfortable with the products you hold. And cater to any questions or queries you may have.

We’ll use our knowledge and expertise to not only arrange what you’re after but to help identify what you may have overlooked.

Quality Advice
We’ll work with you to assess your Personal and Business Needs and identify the areas which are exposed to risk. We can walk you through the entire insurance process, from selecting and applying insurance policies to processing claims.


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